FOR 2019, the year has seemed inundated with examples of unacceptable attitudes and behaviour of abuse against sporting individuals based on race, gender, religion, disability, age and social status.

Clearly, sport is not immune to the ills of the world. There is widespread anger against a number of social and political issues that threaten our collective ideals and quality of life.

Sport is an important bio-psycho-socio-cultural mechanism by which people deal with their everyday conflicts in their everyday lives. This is either as an active participant, supporter, parent or part of an organisation.

The boundaries of acceptable behaviour are being increasingly tested, as people are also asked to deal with increasing stress from a number of areas: work, family, health, finances and relationships.

Their anger, frustration and rage are seeking solace as political systems, governments and religious organisations fail them.

Sport has been asked to do so much already, and yet more needs to be done.

LUDO AEQUITAS has dedicated itself as a global initiative to solve the uniquely human conflicts that plague us all, through our powerful relationship with sport.

To promote mental health for all and equality through sport.

It should not be this hard, to do something this good.

Help us make 2020 a year to remember as one of cultural change.

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