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Mission Statement

Ludo Aequitas proposes to eradicate all forms of discrimination and inequality in sport and through sport by maximizing the unique relationship individuals have with sport itself.

In order to achieve this, the fundamental and historical foundations of such a relationship (bio-psycho-socio-cultural) must first be understood.

By doing so, Ludo Aequitas will succeed in the provision of a healthier society, both psychologically and physically, through the promotion of equality, tolerance and understanding using sport and its inherent values.

It is envisaged that Ludo Aequitas will find its way into mainstream society promoting equality and change and will also be used by non sporting groups. It will have a role in mediation, education and research.

The Ludo Creed

The Ludo Creed was established as a set of beliefs that underpins the Ludo Aequitas movement.

It is a statement that encompasses the Ludo cause and should be considered as representative. It is designed to be used before a competition by all athletes in all sports, by the sporting supporter, public and for educational purposes.

“We, the players representing our chosen sport,

Do solemnly swear to uphold the Ludo values of

Equality, respect, honour and fair play at all times

And denounce vilification based on Race, Colour, Sex,

Age, Gender, Religion, Disability or Social Status.”


Ludo Aequitas aims to become the dominant global force for social change by unifying two significant themes:  sporting values and social values.

It aims to give an equal voice and presence for individuals and their families who have experienced adversity but have used sport as a means of improving self worth and dignity. The aim is to link together a range of experiences from different social backgrounds, from different sports, and to unite them under one organisation that promotes social harmony and offers a supportive network. In unity there is strength.

Important in the achievement of these goals are “The Ludo Creed”, a cognitive statement of intent, and “Do the Ludo”, its behavioural component.


Ludo Aequitas had its genesis as a result of regular examples of discrimination in a wide variety of sports.

In spite of the presence of well intentioned campaigns, two recurring themes emerged: not enough was being done and what was being done did not work. These were sentiments echoed by the United Nations and sporting bodies throughout the world.

Ludo Aequitas was created to symbolise the noble, gladiatorial aspects of sport that would be universally recognised and accepted. Skill, artistry, strength and cunning, where the social background of the athlete was meaningless in the arena itself. It applied to anyone who participated in sport and respected its values and opportunity for valour, honour and dignity through competition.

Our Team

It is only the beginning

Dr Phillip Ross Salonikis

Dr Phillip Ross Salonikis


B.Sc. (HONS.), B.M.B.S., F.R.A.N.Z.C.P.

Mr Benjamin James Noblet

Mr Benjamin James Noblet

Co- Founder

B. Com., CPA, Adv.Dip.SportsMgmt.
Digital Marketing

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