Ludo Aequitas is a not for profit organization aimed at helping individuals who have experienced adversity through discrimination and vilification based on race, colour, age, sex, gender, religion, disability and social status.

Ludo Aequitas uses a sports psychology model and innovative cognitive-behavioural strategies to identify, minimize and eliminate the mental and behavioural impact of such traumatic experiences on the individual, family, community and broader society.

Do The Ludo

It is designed to symbolise strength and defiance, pride and compassion. It can be done individually, with the right arm in the air with a clenched fist, and the left arm folded across the heart (or vice versa).

Others can join in by placing their left or right arm around the shoulder of the person next to them, and their other arm again folded across the heart. In this way a “LudoLink” chain can be established either realistically or virtually.

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Share your story

Individuals, families, friends and sporting teams are encouraged to share their sporting experiences, whether positive or negative, with others around the world.

The initiative proposes the unification of all sports, with all social areas of discrimination and inequality, under the one banner. Social factors include race, colour, sex, age, gender, religion, disability and social status.

Share your story with the world and you could become a Ludo Hero…

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The Ludo Creed

“We, the players representing our chosen sport,

Do solemnly swear to uphold the Ludo values of

Equality, respect, honour and fair play at all times

And denounce vilification based on Race, Colour, Sex,

Age, Gender, Religion, Disability or Social Status.”


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